Leszekレシェック Rybickiリビツキ

I’m a developer based in Tokyo, JAPAN, originally from Torun, POLAND.

I wear many hats.

Sometimes I’m a matematician. I love the aspect of math where I get to solve a puzzle. The answer is out there, dictated by the laws of logic.

I can be creative. I enjoy making data easy to understand and pleasant for the eyes. I’m driven by making user-focused products. Nothing makes me more proud than the thought that something I created is useful to someone.

I believe that technology, be it hardware, software or services should be designed in a way to improve, rather than replace, human beings. Enhance our senses, sharpen our memory and focus our thoughts.

“When we invented the personal computer,
we created a new kind of bicycle…
a new man-machine partnership…
a new generation of entrepreneurs.”
— Steve Jobs, c. 1980


github: lunardog